If you live in Belgium, your Internet has been censored! So don’t you worry!
After all, it’s best that the government decides how to use the web.

Censorship.... and YOU

Brought to you by the ministry of censorship of the Glorious Kingdom of BELGIUM

But wait, don’t we have laws like "freedom of speech" or "freedom of the press"?

Only on paper my friend! Luckily, we have a court system that still implements the Napoleon code. A private organisation like the BAF can easily overturn our most basic of rights! Art. 25 of our constitution stipulates: "The printing press is free. Censorship can't be introduced." There's nothing stated about our digital press! Pfew, that was a close one boys and girls!

Is there any way to bypass the Firewall?

Fortunately, the judges and lawyers understand modern technology! So they made sure there are no easy methods to bypass The Great Firewall of Belgium! You see, they use a high-tech technique called DNS blocking! It's so waterproof that only master hackers and geeks can bypass it with obscure techniques like changing your nameservers, using a proxy or adding another domain alias to their website. Most hackers and geeks are being prosecuted, anyway! They should be put behind bars. Side by side with murderers and rapists, where they belong. The judge also correctly declared that most people were not tech-savvy enough (in other words: too stupid).

What can we do to help along the censoring of web sites?

The best thing to do, is to remain silent and apathetic. Don't sign petitions or organize protests! And whatever you do, counterattack civil disobedience.

Will somebody please think about our children?

Don't panic! We're on it like a cheap polyester suit. In fact, BAF wants to go after all Belgian ISPs. They also want a method to make it easier to ban sites in the future, without following a painful and expensive court procedure! After all, the law only slows things down!

Hold on a second; the Belgian ISPs didn't file one appeal against the recent The Pirate Bay ruling. Their Dutch colleagues fought like lions?

Well, the main ISPs in Belgium are also content providers with their "digital" TV platforms, TV-on-demand and other overpriced power leaking thingamajigs. The Pirate Bay was an income nibbling nuisance! Good riddance!

What sites are actively being blocked?

You can find the list here.

Does censorship pay off in the long run?

Of course! We have many, many, many examples in history showing us that a good censorship policy is crucial for the development of strong nations ruled by the Happy few.

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