List of blocked sites in Belgium

A complete list is unavailable. We'll try to keep this list as accurate as possible.

Unknown list of websites containing illegal pornography involving minors

For obvious reasons, this list has not been published. Blocking was initiated by the FCCU (Federal Computer Crime Unit) in 2009. It's hard to be against this kind of blocking, but unfortunately it created a precedent and a platform for the following sites.

Stop Kinder Porno

Whistleblower site that posts accusations and information about alleged child molesters. Blocking was initiated by then minister of justice Stephan De Clerck in 2009.

The Pirate Bay

Site that hosts magnetic links to torrent files. Blocking was initiated by BAF (Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation) in 2011.

Online gambling websites and online poker

Gambling is bad, mkay! But wait... There are still gambling and poker sites legal in Belgium. They pay off the government in the form of taxes. Also, this gives the National Lottery (once founded to fund the colonization of what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) some breathing space to colonize your wallet! Blocking was initiated by De Federale Kansspelcommissie in 2012. A complete list can be found here (dutch) and here (french).

Unknown list of torrent sites

The following sites have been confirmed: Kat.ph, H33T, BitSnoop, ExtraTorrent, TorrenReactor and Isohunt. Blocking was initiated by BAF (Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation) in august 2013 - unconfirmed, no court order available.

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